WP-Table Reloaded VS Easy Table Creator

How to Do a Price List Table in WordPress?

When adding a price list table to your WordPress blog, you have a couple of options with varying difficulty. The HTML editor is available to add a post or page, and write the table using only a few simple skills.

Alternately, use a plugin with WordPress blogs to make the process easier. Plugins even help you import price list data you might already have.

WP-Table Reloaded

Determine your tool. The freely plugin, WP-Table Reloaded, helps you create tables that are searchable and sortable by ID number, price, description or any other column your price list has. It also helps you import existing data, which is especially helpful if you already have a spreadsheet that contains your price list.

Go to the “Plugins > Add New” section of your WordPress dashboard and search for “WP-Table Reloaded.” Activate it by clicking on “Activate Plugin,” or by using the “Plugins > Plugins” section of the Dashboard. Access WP-Table Reloaded from the “Tools” section to upload your spreadsheet, or begin a new table.

The plugin supports CSV (comma-separated values), XML and HTML file formats, which most spreadsheet applications support (including Google Docs, Excel and Numbers for Mac). Alternatively, tell the plugin how many columns and rows you need in your price list, and it provides space for you to fill in information in a spreadsheet format.

Save your table and make note of the ID number associated with the table. Add or edit a post or page, and determine where you want the table to appear. Then use the “HTML” tab of the editor and write ” [table id=ID /],” replacing “ID” with the ID of the table you created. Save the post or page and view it to enjoy your handiwork.

Easy Table Creator

Download the Easy Table Creator, another free WordPress plugin. Although it does not help you import a spreadsheet or make a table searchable, it is simpler to use. You don’t need to create the table in a separate page and then add a reference to it as you do with WP-Table Reloaded.

Install the plugin by searching for “Easy Table Creator” from the “Plugins > Add New” section of your WordPress Dashboard, and clicking “install.” Activate it by clicking on “Activate Plugin,” or by using the “Plugins > Plugins” section of the Dashboard.

Add or edit a post or page and add your table using the “Visual” tab in the editor. Click on the “Easy Table Creator” button in the toolbar of the editor to pop up the tool. Using this spreadsheet view, add all the information for your price list, adding columns and rows as needed. Click “Insert,” save your page or post, and view it to see the results.