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Do you know about blogger api?

In this post, I will share some useful blogger api on the web. You can use it. Here is a list.

Blogger API

The Blogger Data API allows client applications to view and update Blogger content in the form of Google Data API feeds. Your client application can use the Data API to create new blog posts, edit or delete existing posts, and query for posts that match particular criteria.

FeedBurner API

FeedBurner offers developers an established library of APIs for interacting with the service. FeedBurner is a web feed management provider that provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers. Using the features this library provides, anyone with a FeedBurner account may perform some of the most common actions available on the service programmatically.

Disqus API

From their site: Disqus provides an API for users to interact with the Disqus backend. Disqus is the webwide discussion community where you carry your conversations with you. For Bloggers – Plug in and experience the best comment system, backed by your own forum. For Everyone – Claim and track your comments across blogs!

Zemanta API

The Zemanta API brings contextually relevant content from around the web to you as you type. The web service API brings finds related Articles, Images, Hyperlinks and Tags right to your app. Use the API to get your custom preferences and to query Zemanta for contextual metadata on a given text. There are four main components of a response: articles, keywords, images, in-text links. API is home of the installable version of WordPress. The API provides a series of call exposing various informational assets and tools. Available resources include stats on systems running WordPress and contributor information. Tools include a secret key generator and access to WordPress plugins and themes.

TypePad API

The TypePad Developer Program is your gateway to the TypePad Cloud Platform. Build your own social applications with TypePad’s data and social graph objects. Grow and scale social communities with the new TypePad Motion microblogging application. Customize your TypePad blog layout and design with Advanced Templates.

Akismet API

From their site: Akismet is basically a big machine that sucks up all the data it possibly can, looks for patterns, and learns from its mistakes. Thus far it has been highly effective at stopping spam and adapting to new techniques and attempts to evade it, and time will tell how it stands up. I\’ve tried to keep the API interaction as simple as possible.

Google Reader Subscriber Statistics API

Returns a publicly available XML, JSON or JSONP response for any RSS feed and shows Google Reader stats about that feed. Uses REST protocol.

My Opera API

My Opera is the support community for the Opera Web browser. With a free account users have access to photo albums, blogs, groups and forums. My Opera provides two APIs that can be used for blogging and embedding content. Users can embed photos and other My Opera content like avatars from external sites with the API. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Qaiku API

Qaiku is a micro-blogging and social networking service. It allows users to post short text or images. Qaiku supports multiple languages so all content can be searched and posted in each user’s language. Qaiku also has a mobile application. Qaiku’s API is based on the Twitter REST API. The Qaiku API allows developers to do various functions with Qaiku’s functionality and data, such as posting messages, reading streams, reading comments, and listing friends and followers.

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