Popular Korean WebSites list

Do you know about the  Korean cultureKorea lies west of JapanWhat are korean favorite web sites rignt now? 

Here is a list of popular Korean websites. Enjoy!

1.Naver: one of the biggest Korean website. It provides news, weather, shopping and more.

2.Nate: (Hangul네이트): It is a South Korean web portal, developed by SK Communications. In 2003, Nate acquired social media site Cyworld, and in 2004, it achieved first place in local page views with a total of 3.8 million, surpassing rival Daum for the first time.

3. Gmarket: Gmarket.co.kr is one of the top 1000 sites in the world and is in the 비교,검색 category. Mainly selling: books, MP3, cosmetics, computers, home appliances, clothing, etc.

4. JoinsKorean JoongAng Daily.

5. cyworld:  South Korea’s largest online community.

Hopefully you will findsomething useful in each one.

If you want to find more, here is a picture, you can look.

top 20 korean websites

I hope you enjoy these.