Photoshop Brush Pack Free Download

What is Photoshop a powerful tool for?  I think the answer to that is  “high-quality Photoshop brushes”.  Every designer like to use them. Every designer wants them.

So I have collected our favourite free Photoshop brushes. In this post, each of which I briefly describe below.

Top 5 best free Photoshop brushes

1. Strokes and Splatters


You can add these strokes and splatters to your designs with this set of over 25 free high-res Photoshop brushes from Brusheezy. Would love to see what you have made with them!
Free Download

2. Star Brushes

Star Brushes

There are six high res star brushes in this website. No rules, just have fun and i would love to see what people do with them.
Download Page

3. Splashes of paint


Here are 30 useful big brushes. These big brushes suitable for creating dirty backgrounds and textures.
Download Page

4. Fire brushes


Here are 13 Free Photoshop Fire Brushes by Kerby Rosanes . January 27th, 2014. I think it perfect for your design projects such as  flames, characters and landscapes…
Download Page

5. TC Magic Spells: Moon

TC Magic Spells Moon

Here are 21 high quality Magic Brushes. I think it suitable for some whimsy, or accenting original illustrations. Very beautiful!
Source Page
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