How to Speed Up a 3 Mobile Broadband

3 Mobile provides mobile broadband dongles that you can simply plug in to your laptop computer to connect to the Internet.

3 Mobile offers a number of packages with varying download speeds. If you’re not satisfied with the current speed of your broadband, you can do certain things to ensure that you get a maximum browsing and downloading speed.

Contact 3 Mobile and ask them if they can do anything to boost your broadband speed. A probability exists that you don’t get full speed due to distance from the exchange, network traffic or some other problem. In that case, your Internet service provider (ISP) may be able to help resolve the issue.

Attach an antenna extension to the mobile broadband dongle. You can get these antennas from your manufacturer. They are available in different varieties, such as clip-ons or omnidirectional models, that you can easily attach to the modem stick for a better signal.

Connect to the Internet while sitting somewhere near the window or an open space. If you don’t prefer sitting outdoors or near a window, you can get a standard extension lead to plug in to the modem dongle. Using this extension, you can sit indoors but still capture strong signals.

Check the background programs running on your computer. If it’s taking too long to browse and load pages, quit programs, such as Skype or Podcast downloads, which tend to slow down the Internet speed. Additionally, background applications such as Real Player pop-ups, BBC iPlayer, MSN, Windows updates and security suite updates can also slow down the Internet.