How To Make Your Own WordPress Blog

There are a great many Blog Formats out there for the newbie Blogger, one of my all time Favorites is WordPress. Setting up a brand new blog can take as little as 5 minutes to do. Got 5 minutes? Alright then, lets get started!

First off let me explain the difference between, and so you don’t get confused. is a type of blogging software, whereas is the hosted service that runs the software. is Great for newbie bloggers who don’t really know anything about the technical stuff, they just want to get started, and really just get a feel for what blogging is all about without any real commitments.

Although is exceptional for the new blogger getting started, the free hosted service does come with its limitations in customization; however, for a few dollars (anywhere between $15-90) you can easily upgrade your blog to be far more enhanced in it’s functionality.

When you are ready to make your commitment to your blog, instead of upgrading your functions, I strongly suggest exporting your content and finding yourself a good hosting service that will run the software.

Dedicating yourself to a hosting service can cost you anywhere from $2.50-$20 per month depending on the hosting service you choose and how much space you need. The main difference between using a hosted site, and having your site hosted is the difference between the amount of space that is available to you as well as the difference between owning your site and not owning your site.

With having your site hosted, it means it’s yours. On a hosting site like you do not own your content, and if for any reason WordPress does not like your content, it can be taken down at any time without notice by the owners consent.

OK, now that you know the difference between and WordPress.Org and the difference between hosting your blog and having your blog hosted, Let get started in building your brand new blog!

  1. Go to the website and click Join.
  2. Fill out the Sign up form to set up your account
  3. Click Sign Up, and locate your activation email…click that and Whoo Hoo! Your officially on your way to Blogging!
  4. The Next page is called your Dashboard, or your Backoffice. You can access it at

* under the theme tab on your left hand side will be over 100 FREE WordPress themes to choose from.

Pick your Favorite – and Rock On! You are ready to start adding Content!

Now, Like I said before, doesn’t offer a lot in terms of customization for Free. At the time of this publication you can upgrade your CSS (Custom StyleSheet ) for about $15, and that will allow you to customize your themes with CSS know-how.

You can get help with custom CSS themes for as little as $5 at Otherwise, you can Grab a Free WordPress theme for your hosted WordPress software at (really easy to install; a matter of choose favorite, download and upload) Now Look at you! Your Rockin’ and Rollin’ with a brand new blog!

Your almost Pro:D! Have fun in your New Blogging Adventure, because it will opens up a whole new world of expression and creativity for you!

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