How to find a song by lyrics

What music do you like to listen to? Do you like music and often listen to some live show? Sometimes you just don’t know what the singers are talking about, even though they sing in your native languages.

Has anything like that ever happened to you? And at such times, you may be understand what a song talks about, you need to find the song by lyrics and genre.

Below are top 10 best websites for you to find song lyrics online. And those lyrics are all free.

Top 10 best websites to find Song Lyrics Online

1. MetroLyrics

MetroLyrics Song Lyrics Website

The MetroLyrics was founded in 2002. Now, this website offers tons of lyrics, which you may find by song lyrics, song genres, etc.

In addition to showing the lyrics, you may also listen to the songs online or watch the music videos for free. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, you can submit or request song lyrics.



LyricsMode is a comprehensive online music resource which is providing text lyrics for music compositions. You can find many free song lyrics on this site.

At the current moment has more than 700,000 lyrics for more than 30,000 artists and this amount grows day-by-day.


  • The biggest world archive of song lyrics
  • Artists’ updates tracking thru website and email
  • Flash widget — you can post any lyrics to you blog or website
  • Video for most popular lyrics
  • You can submit lyrics to the archive
  • You can register and have a personal profile on LyricsMode

3. LyricWikia


LyricWikia is a lyrical database-oriented website, on which you can view, edit, and discuss the lyrics of songs, you can search by song, artist, album and some other terms, and you can also view external links from Amazon,, Wikipedia and some other sources. Original name is “LyricWiki”? I can’t remember it.

4. LetsSingIt


LetsSingIt is a music community. It has over one million (!) lyrics. Content is updated by the minute and it should keep any music lover entertained.

Besides many lyrics, you can also find some music related information like album tracklists, artist news, biographies and pictures. It is your favorite music community with the largest lyrics archive on the web!


lyrics is a music community with the largest searchable lyrics database. You can read the lyric, watch the music video, get ringtone, or share with your friends on the result page.

All thing is free.

6. Azlyrics


As you can see, most major characteristic: lyrics collection organized by artists alphabetically. Use this point you can do a lot of things related to search lyrics and easily.

On the lyric page, you can also listen to the song on the website.

7. Absolute Lyrics


Absolute Lyrics offers many lyrics, you can search by song title at pleasure. Certainly, you also can listen to the song online. The site’s home page dispaly: top 50 lyrics, top 50 artists.

8. Lyrics Search Engine


As you can see, the Lyrics Search Engine website seems very clean. Similarly, it offers many song lyrics. You can search by song title (keyword) or browse by band and album.

I don’t like so many commercial breaks on the website.

9. Lyrics Freak

Lyrics Freak

Lyrics Freak offers a lot of song lyrics, which you can search by artists, albums, or genres. On the result page, you can vote, share or print the lyric, and you can also listen to the song on Jango.

10. Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics

The Song Lyrics is a large Lyrics website. It has collected a lot of song lyrics, include rock, latin, dance or many other genres.

On the result page, you can read the lyric as well as listen to the song. If you want to find a song by lyrics or song genre, you can go these website.

I hope this helps you!