How to choose a best domain name

A good domain name is crucial to the survival of your blog no matter what type of site you want to build. So how to choose a best domain name? In this post, we will talk about it.

Five Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

1.unique name

If you are marketing your blog or website, ideally you’ll be able to use your name (Smith blog). Using a search engine like Google, search for your proposed blog or website name.

2. Short domain

Is your domain name easy to remember? Is it short?

You’d better check it. A catchy domain name is important, but there are also many other factors to remember. Is the name memorable, understandable, easy to read, and easy to spell correctly?

  • Choose 4-5 Best keywords
  • Try To Keep It Short
  • Don’t Put Hyphens

3. domain (.com, .org, .net, etc.)

I suggest you use .com domain, It looks more formal. In fact, 52% of all websites are .com sites.

Especially if you’re going to be telling people what your website address is (as opposed to them finding you in search engine results), there are benefits to using the “default” domain extension .com simply for easy recall.

4.Don’t Try to be Clever

Forget about hard-to-spell, long and clever words or anything too complex—unless you want to make it hard for people to remember your url.

5.Be Memorable

A good domain is one that helps brand you above your competition. It should be unique, easy to type, easy to remember, and give visitors something in which to associate your Web site. Whatever domain you choose will forever affect how visitors perceive and value your company, so spend some time thinking about how you want to be remembered.

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