BidVertiser Review 2016 – Adsense Alternatives

BidVertiser is a famous CPC (Click Per Cost) Ad Network started in 2003. It is  similar to Google Adsense. In today’s post, I will tell you what is BidVertiser and how much will you earn through it.

Then you can decide whether you should join it.

What is BidVertiser?

First, BidVertiser is not a scam. I’m certain of that. It is one of the oldest PPC (Pay Per Click) network In USA. This company keeps up its good credit, so you can relax to join it.

BidVertiser Ad Formats

There are many Advertising formats for you to test ad get the best effect. At this point, it like Google Adsense.

Ad FormatsIt includes:

  • Medium Rectangle ( 300 x 250 )
  • Vertical Rectangle ( 240 x 400 )
  • Large Rectangle ( 336 x 280 )
  • Rectangle ( 180 x 150 )
  • Full Banner ( 468 x 60 )
  • Half Banner ( 234 x 60 )
  • Vertical Banner ( 120 x 240 )
  • Square Button ( 125 x 125 )
  • Leaderboard ( 728 x 90 )
  • Wide Skyscraper ( 160 x 600 )
  • Skyscraper ( 120 x 600 )
  • Half Page Ad ( 300 x 600 )
  • Mobile Ads ( 300×50 )

Payment Methods

BidVertiser‘s biggest advantage is its low minimum payout requirement which gives even new publishers chance to receive their earnings. You can choice different payment methods.

  1. Paypal – Minimum $10 (I highly recommend it!)
  2. Western Union – Minimum $100
  3. Check – Minimum $100
  4. Wire Transfer – Minimum $10

You are the heart of the bursts of it? Let’s go to join it!

Not sure where to start

  1. Register Link:
  2. Log in Bidvertiser panel, add your blog in system
  3. Set your Ad Code
  4. Put it into your blog or website

How to increase BidVertiser revenue

You may heard that earnings are too low (compared to Adsense) ? Do you know why? Let me tell you, the truth of the matter is that your blog traffic sources.

If your niche is high paying and country targeted is USA, UK, Australia and Europe, you may earn more money in the same page impressions.

So it all depends on your niche whether high paying and country your website is targeted.

BidVertiser Vs Adsense

Adsense income is more much than BidVertiser’s. I don’t deny it. But if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you choose BivVertiser. The reason is very simple.

BidVertiser: Minimum payout is only $10. Payment methods are Paypal, Check, Western Union and Wire Transfer.
Adsense: Minimum Payout is $100. Payment method is Check only.

Register for your blog and make money today!

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