Best Chinese Content Management Systems (CMS)

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me some questions about Chinese CMS. Beacuse he is planning to create a Chinese website from zero. I gave him some advice. And told him some good Chinese Content Management Systems. In the previous article, I had already introduced the two China’s CMS (DEDECMS and Zblog).

In this post, I will focus on introduce Chinese CMS. To help you get to know it.

Best Free Chinese CMS

Top 1 China CMS – DeDeCMS

DeDecms China CMS

DeDeCMS is a great Content Management Systems. It is a easy to use&install open source CMS. DeDeCMS can be run on both Apache and IIS.

This CMS is very suitable for a small company’s official site. The structure of the program is relatively simple, direct see the source code can know.

Top 2 China CMS – Zblog

Zlbog China CMS

Z-Blog is different from DeDecms. It is a free open source blog system based on ASP. If want you think so, you are wrong. Beacuse now, Z-blog can be based on PHP.

Top 3 China CMS – typecho


Typecho is a simple, open source blog system, Based on PHP. It using a variety of databases (Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQLite). It is one of my favorite Chinese CMS.

Other Chinese CMS



2.Empire CMS



Too much good CMS. But you need remember that fitness is the best. Good luck!