3 free tools to find good topics and contents for your blog

Why need to find good topics and contents for my blog?

Having good topics and contents will drive more traffic to your blog and website and ultimately, it will increase your ad earnings.

How to find good topics and contents?

You can find limitless niche topics for your blog/website with these 3 free online tools.

1 Google Keyword Tools (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal)

You can dig a little deeper into that niche using the Google keyword tool to find a sub-niche that’s getting a reasonable amount of search each month. Anything above 5,000 is good. 10,000 is better, 20,000 is excellent.

2 Google Search based keyword tool (http://www.google.com/sktool/)

Google search based keyword tool is to find high level niches based on searches of physical products, where google is telling you what people are searching for to buy

3 Spyfu.com – Free PPC analysis tool (http://www.spyfu.com)

SpyFu is a free PPC analysis tool that gives estimates on what people are currently paying per click for various keywords and phrases. It was designed as a free tool for Search Engine

Marketers to “spy” on their competition.

By simply applying these 3 free online tools, you can…

  • Increase traffic to your blog/website
  • Increase overall ad earnings
  • Create limitless niche topics
  • Save time on topic research
  • Have visitor more interested the contents

There’s a concept in owning a successful blog or website Having targeted relevant and contents is king. In order to have targeted contents, you must have equally attractive niche topics that will capture prospect readers.