Best youtube thumbnail dimensions

When you upload a video, our decision whether to click on a video often comes down to its thumbnail. Though YouTube gives you three thumbnail choices once the video has finished processing, but the...[Read more...]

Top 10 Best Neonatal Nursing Medical Schools

If you want to become a Neonatal Nurse, you can see this post. In this post, I collected top 10 best neonatal nursing Medical Schools. Enjoy![Read more...]

Top 10 Best Selling Authors 2016

Do you know who is the best selling authors 2016? Here is the list of the 10 best selling authors 2016. They are as follows: Top 10 Best Selling Authors Val McDermid Caitlin Moran Santa Montefiori ...[Read more...]

Top 100 Movies of 2016

All of my family, especially me, like watching movies. Do you feel like watching movies? Let me suggest you some movies. Here is a list of top 100 best movies 2016. Enjoy![Read more...]

33 Best Website Builder Services

Do you need an online presence or a blog? Having a blog or website is a great thing! Because you can freely voice your opinions and thoughts. You plan to create one, but on a budget? No problem. In...[Read more...]

Top 10 Movies 2016

So far I have top 5 favorite movies of this year: 1. Captain America: Civil War, 2. Zootopia, 3. The Jungle Book, 4. Deadpool, 5. 10 Cloverfield Lane Here is a video for Top 10 Movies 2016 : Enjoy![Read more...]

Chinese College Entrance Exam (GaoKao) 2016

The university entrance examination in china is in june. Now, China college entrance testing is over, the learning life including the experiences that it can be finished. [Read more...]

Top 100 SEO Blogs You Should be Reading in 2016

The art of SEO will be necessary as long as search engines are a major driver of Web traffic. If you want to learn seo, you comes to the right place. In this article, I share a lot seo blogs.It can...[Read more...]

How to remove xmlrpc pingback ping for WordPress

How to remove xmlrpc pingback ping for WordPress? I found the answer by internet. In today’s post, I share it. Two Methods: 1.Add a code in functions.php add_filter('xmlrpc_enabled', '__r...[Read more...]

200 Domain Suffix List and Prefixes List

Are you looking for a domain suffix or domain prefixe? Do you need a Domain Suffix (Prefix)? Here are 200 Ideas Just For You. Here is a list for Domain Name Suffix and Prefixes. But the list doesn’...[Read more...]

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