10 Ways to Track Traffic – You Should Know About

Creating a superb website and generating a steady stream of traffic is not enough; if you want to be really successful in the online marketing field, you need to know exactly how you are doing the industry. That means that you need to constantly track your performance and assess whether you are doing great or not.

When it comes to monitoring your website’s performance, there is one specific way that you can do that accurately and without hassle – tracking your website’s traffic. There are several ways to track the traffic coming in and going out of your website, and below are the top ten best traffic tracking tools that you can use.

Alexa provides a wide range of statistics based on popularity rank, reach, speed and in-links in a broader yet detailed summary. And the best part is, you can compare up to three websites in Alexa all at the same time.

Google Analytics
Of course, who will forget to mention the ever reliable Google Analytics? Aside from being the best stat website available today, Analytics provides detailed information that you will need for comparison and analysis.

SaerchStatus is a very useful traffic tracking tool that lets you track Alexa, Compete Ranking, and Google LivePageRank. Alexa and Compete are two of the most popular and highly reliable sites that let you track statistics about different websites all over the world.

Website Grader
Website Grader is free online tool that lets you measure the marketing effectiveness of your website. The result it gives is a product of website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors.

If you need to find a complete set of information about a certain website, Quarkbase can give you that in an instant. And the great thing about this tool is that, it’s free!

Compete is very similar to Alexa, which offers an alternative site statistics with a more objective information. The great thing about Compete is that you can easily install it to your toolbar so that you will see the website tracking progress regardless of what you are doing online.

For those who do not have to time to read through detailed descriptions or lengthy graphs, StatsAholic provides simple and quick statistics.

Providing simple yet in depth information, PopUri.us lets you access Google Pagerank, Alexa, Compete, Quantcast rank, Technorati links, Yahoo backlinks and more.

This online tool help web publishers understand what their audience wants and what site they like after visiting a particular website. When used correctly, this information can be very useful.

Although not really a statistic site, BuySellAds provides very detailed estimated impressions of a website.

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